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The IQ Panel 4 is a new alarm system from Johnson Controls, featuring a 7″ HD touchscreen, an upgraded 8 Megapixel Panel Camera, QuadSound speaker system, SmartMount installation system, and PowerG for long-range secure encrypted wireless sensors. The system has been fine-tuned to improve user experience and it also integrates with interactive services, providing support for residential and SMB/Commercial users with a single panel and app.

  •  The IQ Panel 4 is powered by a high-performance 2 GHz Qualcomm processor (MSM8953) equipped with eight cores.
  •  Delivering faster speed and better range on LTE, WiFi, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, PowerG and legacy security wireless.
  • The new panel once again features a 7-inch touchscreen; the previous 5-megapixel camera has been upgraded to an 8-megapixel version with flex-tilt to adjust the lens angle for disarm photos, peek-in and alarm videos.
  • A new QuadSound speaker system allows music streaming over Bluetooth, and a SmartMount installation system is said to provide easy wall or table stand mounting options. 
  • The IQ Panel 4 also returns with Dual SRF technology, which offers two pathways for security and life-safety devices, using legacy security protocols (319.5 MHz, 345 MHz or 433 MHZ) alongside PowerG. This allows long-range secure encrypted wireless with compatibility for existing legacy security wireless.
  • The team at Qolsys have leveraged over 10 years of hardware development, 32 software updates and copious customer feedback to deliver the IQ Panel 4.

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IQ Panel 4

IQ Panel brings a ton of modern features to an industry-first panel that makes the most of your devices, things like home automation (lighting, sockets,heating) as well as speakers, The feature-rich package of the IQ Panel requires a robust and unified monitoring platform, which is why IQ comes with  integration.


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